Kathy O’Connell, a practicing Catholic, grew up on the North side of Chicago. Attending a Catholic school for twelve years of her life, she was a victim of abuse.

Kathy has three grown children and recently retired from her job at a Catholic school to be able to enjoy her grandchildren. She is currently involved at her parish in different ministries. Being a lector, a Eucharistic Minister, a minister of care and a helper in their SPRED program, Kathy continues to work on finding her own peace and reconciliation.

6 thoughts on “Kathy

  1. This makes me strong. I did not have support for a long time. Its hard to believe I can do it but then I find a story or something like this. Thanks and really means a lot.


  2. You get it. Where would we be without them? I’d go back to church if I could bring my dog to protect me against bad priests if I met anymore of them.


  3. Yes. I did the same thing, you kind of gloss over the worst and love your family and today. So inspiring! Same with the other lady. We find magic in later life. No matter how long the past hurts. God bless you!


  4. I can’t even look back to those years. How do you do it? I was older when abused and can’t look back anywhere even before. too painful. You guys are brave people.


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