Faith: Strong Footing for Rough Going

60e8e1c8-7e3c-49ee-9073-f277690c0e38By Teresa Pitt Green, Founder

We open with an image of the Golden Gate Bridge at dawn, featuring not just its famous fog but also a hidden road as well. This May issue of our Healing Voices newsletter has a theme of clouds and fog as a reminder how, in the fog of grief and recovery, there is a sure path. That path is faith. Later
in this issue, a meditative video features the mystical side of San Francisco’s fog. You might even say that this is a special shout-out to fellow survivors on the West Coast.

Articles in our “Special Features” section focus on the Pontifical Commission on the Protection of Children. “Regular Features” follow, including inspiring survivor stories, reflections from a sister and a wife of survivors, and an article by a Victim Assistance Coordinator about her ministry of prayer. We close with a prayer to the Holy Spirit, for it is on Pentecost we release this May issue.

We are delighted to feature, also, a sampling of the wonderful words in many voices of encouragement from you, our readers (thank you!!). We offer this issue in the same spirit as the others, entrusting you, our reader, to the grace of God so that you may find and take from this newsletter what helps you and yet may remain free to leave behind what is not useful to His good purpose in your life.

It is my honor to introduce this collection of articles, quotations and videos. Please be sure to share with others who may benefit!

“God, like the sun, stands above souls ready to communicate Himself.”

St. John of the Cross


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