Catholic Reforms: 5 Things 2 Know

Teresa Pitt Green, Co-Founder

In response to the horrors survivors like us endured through abuse by priests and others in the faith setting of the faith of our childhood, the US Catholic Church instituted radical measures to protect children from all predators. These reforms, particularly educational programs and vetting processes, were rolled out within a decade of passage in 2002, and, even while progress and serious improvements are needed in some dioceses, the momentum forward is unlike any in … US educational districts, child or minor sports, Hollywood … and even churches beyond the states. There is much more to be done, but it’s worth Catholics understanding what has been accomplished. Knowing this, Catholics also become aware of resources for learning how to keep all children safe and for how to help survivors of abuse. For that quick intro, a six minute video.


2 thoughts on “Catholic Reforms: 5 Things 2 Know

  1. Thank you, Teresa Pitt Green.👍Like you, I was molested by a priest as a young child. As is often the case in such situations, it led to much confusion, shame, distrust, self-blame and hatred, and self-doubt for decades.
    When I reported the incident to the Archdiocese of Chicago 50 years after the fact, I was offered professional Psychological Services for healing and recovery. The diocese literally spent thousands of dollars for the many hours of therapy that I received. For that I am very grateful because without it I would still be in extreme emotional and spiritual distress. And the weight of my childhood trauma would have continued to impact me negatively in my life. Thanks to the loving and caring response I received, I am free of that Albatros today.

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