Advice from Clergy-Abuse Survivors for the Church

Katie Scott, a Catholic journalist who has been covering the inspiring stories offered by clergy-abuse survivors, recently published in The Catholic Sentinel (September 4, 2018) an article entitled “Advice from Survivors for Fellow Catholics,” which warrants a quick read by our readers.

“The lacerating grand jury report on sexual abuse by Catholic clergy in Pennsylvania and the alleged crimes of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick of Washington, D.C., have left many in and outside the church trying to discern what went wrong, who is to blame and where the church should go from here.

“For victims of clergy abuse, the recent revelations rouse familiar pain.

“‘I’ve been somewhat sarcastically telling others, ‘Welcome to my world,’ as we survivors have been living these realities for a long time,’ said Deborah Rodriguez, a Catholic physician in the Seattle Archdiocese who was abused by priests as a child. Laity as well as clergy and religious are heartbroken and enraged at the reports of abuse, and many wonder what action they can take. Here are suggestions from Rodriguez and two fellow survivors and practicing Catholics.”

The list of suggestions may be found in the full article here.

Katie Scott is special projects reporter for the Catholic Sentinel, is a native of California. She attended the University of Notre Dame, where she was a member of the swim team, and the University of Dallas, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in English. For seven years, Katie worked for the Arlington Catholic Herald newspaper in Virginia, where she focused on social justice, the environment, religious life and school news. In fall 2016, Katie and her husband, the couple’s young son and their two dogs relocated from Washington, D.C., so she could join the Sentinel staff. Her archive with The Sentinel is found here.

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