Finding Words to Pray

When in the cringe of grief, pain or remembering, when abandoned or betrayed, it can be hard even to address God – or to find the words to seek His intervention. It can be harder, yet, to trust God will help, or even to believe. Consider the words of St. Pio of Pietrelcino (Padre Pio), “the most beautiful Credo is that which comes from your lips in darkness, in sacrifice, in pain, in the effort to lift the will to God. It is this which, like a stroke of lightning penetrates the darkness of the soul; it is this which lifts you and leads you to God.”


4 thoughts on “Finding Words to Pray

  1. There is a song by Amy Grant called, “Better than a Hallelujah”. It states that sometimes our greatest worship is to entrust God with our deepest pain. After 9/11 some Christian leaders went to Michael Card (a Christian musician, songwriter, and theologian) and asked him to write a book on lament. They believed Christians in America had lost the ability to grieve well. He wrote the book, “Sacred Sorrow” in response. I discovered that book in 2008 after the death of my husband. It changed my world. It outlines those in scripture, including Christ, who lamented before God. It basically states that sometimes the only true worship is when we honestly expose the rawness of sorrow and agony before our God. I’ve found it’s critical to healing. It’s also needed if we’re to grow in relationship with God. Relationship with God grows when we experience his desire to hold onto us when we can no longer hold onto him.


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