“The Seeds of Hope” is edited by Mike Hoffman and offers examples of Catholics coming together to promote healing and reconciliation from clergy abuse within our Church. With God’s grace, heartfelt healing is not only possible, but is already happening each and every day. Our hope is that others will be inspired to follow suit in their own parishes and dioceses.

A prayer labyrinth has been constructed by Missionaries of the Precious Blood, along with their lay associates and other volunteers, to offer a place where victims of abuse by clergy may come and pray, meditate, and seek healing. It is called, simply “The Healing Place” and is located on the grounds of the Sorrowful Mother Shrine in Bellevue, Ohio.

“The labyrinth is meant as a place of reconciliation and healing,” said Fr. Leon Flaherty, C.PP.S., who organized the effort. The Healing Place draws on an ancient tradition, as labyrinths are found in many spiritual traditions and cultures around the world. The shrine is open to pilgrims and all who wish to pray, every day of the year. “Our Precious Blood spirituality promotes reconciliation and healing,” he continued. “The original idea was to provide a place for victims of clergy abuse. But it is a place where any victim of abuse is welcomed, anyone who feels the need for healing.”

For more information about the Sorrowful Mother Shrine visit The Missionaries of the Precious Blood is a religious society of priests, brothers and lay associates founded in 1815 by St. Gaspar del Bufalo. Society members work as missionaries in parishes in the U.S. and abroad, in education and in a wide range of apostolates, promoting the cause of God’s reconciliation worldwide.

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