The Seeds of Hope is special column of The Healing Voices that features stories about what healing and reconciliation from clergy abuse of children looks like in our Church. With God’s grace, heartfelt healing is not only possible, it is happening each and every day.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Grand Island in Nebraska has created well-regarded resources for parents to use to promote child safety in their child’s surroundings. These resources are being used by parents as well as educators and many others committed to child safety and dignity. Most Rev. The diocese has made the available online and free of charge.
With regard to the protection of minors, the United States Catholic Church has a far-reaching program which is tailored for each diocese’s needs. In this case,
a diocese is sharing its top-notch materials with Catholics and others who seek to bring protections into every area of a child’s life.
If you would like to review and use these materials, visit the diocesan website page here, especially scrolling to the Parent Resources.
If you know of a story of Catholics engaging with each other to promote child protection in our greater community, please let us know or send a link or PDF copy of local coverage here.

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