The Seeds of Hope is special column of The Healing Voices that features stories about what healing and reconciliation from clergy abuse of children looks like in our Church. With God’s grace, heartfelt healing is not only possible, it is happening each and every day.

A Novena for Healing, Atonement

During the fall of 2019, for “nine consecutive nights culminating with the Sept. 29 feast of the archangels, Bishop Mark Bartosic visited a different church in Vicariate II <including Chicago’s North Side and some northern suburbs in the Archdiocese of Chicago> and joined the congregation in praying for healing and atonement for the clerical sexual abuse crisis that has roiled the church.”

For more about how a task force of lay people met to frame the needs they perceived in their parishes, and how the bishop administering that vicariate was able to collaborate with them to create a healing experience close to people’s home, check out Michelle Martin’s article from Catholic Chicago.

Do you know of an example where lay people collaborated with Church leadership to create a healing event, space, or resource? Let us know here.

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