The Seeds of Hope is special column of The Healing Voices that features stories about what healing and reconciliation from clergy abuse of children looks like in our Church. With God’s grace, heartfelt healing is not only possible, it is happening each and every day.

The Oak Park Event

One local parish gathered to participate in “an evening of prayers and dialog on Eucharistic communities and the effects of clergy sexual abuse, including table discussion to discern next steps.” The emcee for the event explained the purpose was to “hear about and discuss a subject that we don’t want to talk about, abuse by trusted persons such as priests and … the bishops’ failure to admit that abuse was happening, covering it up, and failing until recently to prioritize the healing of those abused.”

The event includes Mike Hoffman, who is a co-founder of The Healing Voices and on the board of Spirit Fire. Mike said, “When Father Larry Dowling asked me to join the discussion at this event, I said “yes.” I did it because I trust him. The result was a positive impact on the lives of over 100 people concerned with abuse in our church. This type of event is a model of what healing and reconciliation looks like. Sharing heartfelt concerns with fellow parishioners is a pathway towards healing.”

Read more about this parish event, and what they included for the evening as well as reactions of attendees.
Do you know of an event that attempted to promote healing in the Church? Let us know, or send us a news link, here.

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