Spirit Fire Blessings Card

Catholics, who are willing not to turn a self-protective blind eye to the suffering around us, often find themselves in situations where they need to refer people in crisis to immediate help.

Spirit Fire has created a Blessings Card for these good Samaritans.

Both in English and in Spanish, it can be handed to someone in rough shape to offer hotline information for everything from suicide prevention to human trafficking rescue.

By using this template and these cards, you can print them out at home and carry them in a wallet, car, purse, or backpack–and never lack the information to direct someone to professional and technically knowledgeable care.

You may offer it to anyone who is in need, but it is particularly useful for the stranger whose welfare you do not know. The card can be offered indirectly, in case the person who raises your concern may know someone else…..

When you give this card, you are giving it with a commitment to pray. Be sure to keep that commitment. It may be the first time someone knows they are being prayed for – in their entire life.

Please remember: Where you suspect anything untoward, such as a sex trafficking situation, do not, repeat do not, ever approach the possible victim directly or identify your concern in general. Doing so endangers victims, any others being trafficked nearby, passersby, and you! Call law enforcement right away. Remember and report every detail you can to help them intervene and apprehend.

Includes reassurance of confidentiality and safety in reaching out – in two languages.












Slip into someone’s hand. Be sure to say the prayer you promise to!

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