A Poem by Fr. Larry Dowling My prayers these days are like shallow waves Lighting upon heaven’s shore Their voice a whispered echo Of inner longing’s plaintive, restless roar. I yearn that my soul once again be moved, As a sailboat propelled by that wind That brushes across my care-worn face Urging the Spirit’s revival… Read More Metanoia

Rosary Beads

Teresa Pitt Green, Founder I carried rosary beads for years after I stopped praying them. I carried rosary beads  even after I made it clear to God we were no longer on speaking terms. Here’s my simple case for why you should too. In therapy, we all face how portions of our young lives were buried… Read More Rosary Beads

Prayer Labyrinth at the Sorrowful Mother Shrine, Bellevue, Ohio

In September this year, a precious gift was offered to survivors and others seeking to heal from abuse and trauma. A prayer labyrinth at the Sorrowful Mother Shrine in Bellevue, Ohio, was opened to offer a place where victims of abuse can pray, meditate and heal. Called the Healing Place, it was constructed by Missionaries… Read More Prayer Labyrinth at the Sorrowful Mother Shrine, Bellevue, Ohio