A Clergy-Abuse Survivor’s Prayer-Service Reflection

Mike Hoffman, Founder On August 26, 2018, as the Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report and news of former-Cardinal McCarrick’s predatory behavior was just hitting the news, Mike Hoffman addressed a prayer services focused on healing in the Church which had been scheduled for months prior to the summer news revelations. That speech is reprinted here, now.… Read More A Clergy-Abuse Survivor’s Prayer-Service Reflection

Strength-Based Therapy

Teresa Pitt Green, Co-Founder Another new and very effective approach to overcoming–at least to stabilizing–in the wake of the trauma of abuse is an approach in use by many of the social services being offered to victims of human trafficking and domestic violence. This strength-based approach is challenging traditional psychotherapists to employ a more balanced approach. Typically,… Read More Strength-Based Therapy

The Unique Gifts Survivors Offer to Fellow Catholics

Teresa Pitt Green, Co-Founder * Survivors of abuse by clergy reflect the face of Christ as Victor over all evil, even evil rooted however transitorily in sacred space and dressed like a priest. Our stories are about resilience sustained by a Savior searching tirelessly for each of us in every destitute and wounded state—even where… Read More The Unique Gifts Survivors Offer to Fellow Catholics

Get Ready for April: Start Planning Your Pinwheel for Prevention Event Now

T. Pitt Green, Founder Would you consider holding an event that can give abused kids or teens hope – and a message there’s somewhere to go? I remember, like most child abuse survivors remember, some random thing someone said, or some line from a movie, or some poster we saw or radio comment we heard… Read More Get Ready for April: Start Planning Your Pinwheel for Prevention Event Now

Forgiveness: Resources for Reflecting

Teresa Pitt Green, Co-Founder Forgiveness is terribly difficult process. For survivors of abuse by clergy or by others in authority where abusers were enabled and even forgiven, the idea of forgiveness is fraught with associations of complicity. Yet, forgiveness begins with reflection and discernment. Here are some resources to help with discernment – without suggesting… Read More Forgiveness: Resources for Reflecting