December 2016

Healing Voices – December 2016 V1 N7


By Mike Hoffman, Founder

Welcome to the Healing Voices December edition. Thank you for visiting with us, again, and a special thanks to those who forwarded our invitation to new survivors; some are even published in this issue.

This edition is our seventh and final edition of our first year together. Each of our Founders, as well as all of our readers, have been on a journey of personal growth as we all try to reconcile our faith with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual harm done to us.  I hope you agree that the Founders have remained true to our original mission of raising our voices, telling our stories and providing healing information which may help make our Church and our society of better place for all. Ultimately, we hope this process may provide peace in the hearts of victim-survivors of clergy abuse and their families—along with many others. This process has helped me and my family, and I hope it has helped you and yours.

The Advent and Christmas season is a natural time to recall fond memories of our youth, no matter what may have happened to us when we were young. The stories shared in this edition are heartfelt expressions of hope and yearning. We have several new guest contributors as well as our core Founders group expressing their thoughts about what Christmas means to them. I ask you to take your time in reading this edition. Please recall in your own life a better time, a time of innocence, happiness and joy.

On behalf of our Founders—Teresa, Sooz, Kathy, Tim, Jim and myself – we wish you a hope-filled, peace-in-your-heart, healing and joyous Christmas season.


Focus on Jesus, by Anne Phillips Browning

Time for Me, by Shannon M. Dietz

God, Face to Face, by Charlene and Rick Niemi

Sober Holidays, by Mark

A Sister’s Christmas Blessing, by Mary

Preparing Myself for Christmas, by Mike

Magic of the Holidays, by Kathy

Light in Darkness, by Teresa

Jesus Saved My Christmas, by Sooz

Book Review: Lamp, Lifeboat, Ladder, by Teresa

Quick Review: Feeling Spent, by The Book Worm

Round Table: Fondest Memories as a Child at Christmas

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