May 2017


What precious inspiration awaits you in this May issue.

The plan was to offer a potpourri of essays. Essays were composed in far corners of the country, but they all seemed to shine a light on compelling instances when our Lord merges with our pain and returns something wondrous, gathering from us the ashes left after abuse to return beauty and new life.

All of us founders are so grateful for our new contributing survivors, Deborah Kloos, Kathy Wilson and Phil Franco. We also thank both Amy Cordon, Director of the Office of Child and Youth Protection and Victim Assistance in the Diocese of Baton Rouge, and Jasmine Salazar, Director of the Office of Victim Assistance and Ministry in the Diocese of Brooklyn. We save our special recognition award for Brooklyn and its Bishop for later in this issue.

Please keep encouraging others to find encouragement and solace in our publication–and to consider adding their voices to our quest to promote healing, faith and reconciliation.

T. Pitt Green, Founder
Spirit Fire Ministry


Where Was God When This Was Happening to Me? by Fr. Larry Dowling

Metanoia (a poem), by Fr. Larry Dowling

I Thirst, by Kathleen Wilson

A Model of Reconciliation: My Parents, by Michael D. Hoffman

Holy Week Wonder, by Sooz Jeson

Easter Reflections, by Kathy O’Connell

Requiescat in Pace, by Deborah Kloos

Rosary Beads, by T. Pitt Green

When Jesus Turns Around, by Amy Cordon

Labels and Words for Healing (featuring an excerpt from Jessica Eaton)

You Have Set Us Free: Scriptural Reflections for Trauma Survivors, by Fr. Kenneth W. Schmidt

Brooklyn’s Mass for Hope and Healing Tradition


And Jesus Wept, by Phil Franco