November 2016




By Teresa Pitt Green, Founder

Founders are often asked about therapy. How do you get the most out of it? How do you know you’ve gone as far as you can? What does “done” feel like?

Ultimately, everyone resolves these questions differently. This Special Edition simply suggests some ways to diversify paths to recovery, or to challenge therapy to move forward, or to integrate spiritual self with mental health. We hope these ideas help survivors, their families and those who support them, including priests, deacons, nuns, survivor ministers and others.

This Special Edition covers traditional “talk” therapy, alternative therapies and group options. Selections are serendipitous and not exhaustive. We are fortunate to be able to close this issue with an inspiring reflection by Dr. Kathleen Hope Brown about where our search for healing is headed: discovering who we are in God.

If you read from start to finish, you will find first a trio of essays on therapy and spirituality. Two essays are written by survivors of clergy abuse. One focuses on asking for help. The other reflects on the unexpected grace of therapy. With these, we have a reflection on reconciling abuse, therapy and spirituality written by a psychologist and Carmelite priest.

Then you will find articles about ways traditional therapy might be rounded out. One speaks about muscle memory, another about aquatic therapy. In coming newsletter issues, we will be covering neurofeedback and other modalities such as acupuncture and Shiatsu massage.

Next you will read about groups with impact on recovery. We have an article about the growing Maria Goretti Network, one about Alcoholics Anonymous, and a book review covering an author’s methodology integrating psychotherapy and faith to instruct health care professionals. Last, there is a quick review of an article by C. J. Martin about whether Mother Teresa’s “dark night of the soul” was depression or something else.

We are happy, also, to close with features of heartening news, such as the opening of a holy space created for survivors and others, a first-hand reflection on an annual Healing Mass, news of a prayer service from a New England diocese, and online prayer spaces for people to find solace in the privacy of their home or office.

For this and other issues of our newsletter, we have been graced with articles generously donated without fee by leading professionals who have busy schedules and more lucrative options. Every one of our esteemed contributors has kindly expressed support for our work and, more, their care for whom we publish. It is my honor to relay their charity and concern to all our readers, even as I express profound gratitude on behalf of all our founders for their generosity.

Introduction, by T. Pitt Green


I’m Fine, by Mike Hoffman
Abuse, Therapy and Spirituality: Reconciling the Three, by Quinn R. Conners, O.Carm., Ph.D.
Therapy: An Unexpected Grace, by Victoria S. Schmidt


Exercising Muscle Memory, by T. P. Green
Healing on Waves of Kindness, by Peter Lukes


The Maria Goretti Network, by Miguel Prats
Alcoholics Anonymous, by Mark


Book Review: Wrestling with Our Inner Angels, by The Bookworm
Quick Review: Was St. Mother Teresa Depressed?


Sorrowful Mother Shrine Labyrinth
Mass of Hope and Healing, by Mike Hoffman
Prayer Service in Another Diocese: Bridgeport CT
Online Grottos

A Meditation on Who I Am, by Kathleen Hope Brown, D. Min